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In our product you have nicotine, PEG, and some flavoring. In cigarettes you have nicotine, PEG, and 4,000 chemicals and 43 carcinogens.

So real cigarettes contain more than 4000 more potentially damaging ingredients than electronic cigarettes.

If you need that hit, you can just do the maths on which is less dangerous.


First the liquid residue. By this I mean the excess juice that gets to parts of the atomiser case where it is not used up. This is what draining each night is for. When people use compressed air or boiling then report improvement, this is what they have done - removed the excess juice fluid. Simple draining (place upside down on paper towel) is sufficient for this, whereas compressed air and boiling have inherent dangers.

Second is simple dry residue. This forms when excess juice dries inside the atomiser. When it dries within the metal mesh wicking, it restricts both juice flow and air flow. Some would be removed by a soak or rinse in warm water. Or steam; but steam, like compressed air, risks mechanical damage to the coil and fine connecting wires. Baths that might help remove more dry residue incude detergent and alcohol but the best is probably a weak acid such as citric acid/lemon juice, vinegar and cola. Gently heated is better but boiling is risky (risks include overheating by contact with bottom of pan, bumping around and mechanical damage from bubbles).

Third type is the hardened deposit on the heater coil itself. This is extremely difficult to remove when allowed to build up over weeks (preventative cleaning, of say once or twice per weak with a weak acid might help prevent this build up). It is formed of the dry deposit that originates from the juice (all those substances dissolved in the juice that will not evaporate when heated and are left behind, like limescale in a kettle). Although originally composed of dry residue from the juice, on the coil but mot the metal wick, the deposits are very likely chemically and structurally altered by repeated heating to become over time resistant to removal. This deposit is often the life-limiting factor for atomizers. Two choices here: 1) just accept that atomizers need replacing periodically and keep a supply of backups 2) regular burn-off

Since most of the world is still new to electronic cigarettes, you are automatically an ambassador of sorts for the device when you choose to vape in public. Non-smokers are always annoyed when someone lights up an analog, even if there is no ban in place. Using an e-cigarette may be allowed in certain public places, but it doesn’t mean people are always going to be comfortable with it. To avoid misconceptions with e-cigs, the vaping community does have a few unspoken rules in place that help people view the device in a positive light. Let’s take a look at some of the etiquette involved in the use of electronic cigarettes.

Use Your Discretion

What you need to understand is that when you use an electronic cigarette, it might be cause for genuine concern and alarm in someone who is not familiar with the device. Not everyone is aware of the positive aspects of e-cigarettes. So while you know that what you exhale is nothing but water vapor, the guy next to you thinks of it as harmful smoke. Most people are mistrusting of the device that so resembles tobacco cigarettes that they would prefer it not be used around them.

So what do you do when an establishment doesn’t carry any signs about e-smoking? A good rule of thumb would be to ask the business owner, and respect their decision if the answer is no. You could of course, explain to them the differences between e-cigs and regular ones, politely asking them to reconsider. Even if you are at an establishment that allows vaping and someone sitting next to you seems uncomfortable or requests you to stop vaping, the best thing to do would be to respect their request. At work, it is a good idea to inform your colleagues about what you are doing. Smokers have been notorious because of a few rude ones who blow their tobacco smoke right into people’s faces. But since vaping is so new, the opportunity still exists for the community to create a positive view of this culture.

Educate People

The construction and workings of an e-cigarette might seem very simple to you, especially if you are a seasoned vaper. However, the device probably looks like something dangerous to the uninitiated. You might find yourself in several situations where you are asked to explain what the device is and why it’s okay for you to use it in public. In such situations, it is a good idea to educate the people around you, but you must learn to do it respectfully. Avoid using jargon that newbies may find intimidating. Instead, use the simplest terms possible to explain how an e-cigarette works. The best thing to tell people is that the device contains liquid nicotine which is vaporized by a heating filament; you inhale it and exhale water vapor into the air around you. You could also explain that no toxic chemicals go into the making of an e-cigarette. Arming yourself with the local law might be helpful as well. That way, you could always inform someone that what you are doing is legally permitted.

1. Blow out the primer fluid on new attys

2. Two drops of liquid on the new atty, "puff & blow" until the atty takes on the flavor of the liquid

3. Don't drag too long to overheat the juice on the atty

4. Don't use too fast between draws to allow the atty to wick up more juice & cool down

5. Modify the filler (PTB or straw method) to optimize wicking and not have to top off or refill as much

6. Occasionally remove the filler and rinse it out, dry & refill

7. Certain flavors can handle a long, slow draw (tobacco, menthol, coffee, nut flavors) and certain ones taste better with a quick, deep draw (fruity, delicate, sweet flavors.)

8. Occasionally clean them. Methods to research include blowing them out, hot water rinse, boiling them in water with or without baking soda or vinegar, dry burns, coke and/or vodka baths. Research these before trying!!

9. Don't flood the atty or it may overwork it trying to vaporize the excess liquid.

10. Try different liquids & nic levels. Not all liquids are created equal. If you aren't satified with the vapor/throat hit, you may be overusing it and not allowing time for the the atty to wick & cool.

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