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Variable Voltage eGo C Twist 1100mah Battery

SKU: ego-twist-1100-bat
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Great value introduction to true variable voltage vaping. Take control of your vaping.

Experience Variable Voltage Vaping at a great price with the eGo C Twist

Some combinations of battery, atomizer/cartomizer and liquid may give a great rich flavor and full-bodied throat hit, while others may leave you wishing you could “turn up the volume” a little. This is where these great batteries come in.

The eGo C Twist battery contains a Buck-Boost converter inside, allowing you to choose your preferred output voltage between 3.2V and 4.8V. To select between the different voltages is very easy - simply rotate the bottom of the battery in an anti-clockwise direction to decrease the voltage and clockwise to increase it.

The adjustable voltage also means that a standard resistance atomiser, cartomiser or clearomiser can be made to give the same effect as the low resistance version, simply by increasing the voltage.

The batteries are compatible with 510 & eGo accessories, including Boge 510, Kanger 510, Vision Ego, Kanger T3 and Evod Clearomisers.


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