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KSN 1300mah Automatic Battery

SKU: ksn_bat_1300
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Automatic electronic cigarettes work similar to real cigarettes. No need to press a button, just draw and go.

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Our largest standard voltage battery and our only automatic battery

The 1300mah battery will last between 8 and 13 hours of use (depending on your vaping style, etc) and give you over 1200 puffs.

It is a fact of electronic cigarette life, that the battery will fail over time and require replacement. Generally, batteries have a lifespan of about 300 charge cycles but this varies on a number of factors including how the cigarette is treated, the ambient temparature, etc.

Unlike our other batteries, this is an automatic battery - simply take a puff and the atomizer will be activated. The tip on this battery also glows for effect. The battery is compatible with any common atomizer/clearomizer.

Before completely failing, a fully charged ecig battery will last for less and less time on a full charge.

A larger ecig battery means:

  • you will be able to use your electronic cigarette for longer before it requires a recharge
  • you will be charging your electronic cigarette battery less frequently so it will require replacing less often.

And, it is always useful to have a fully charged spare battery to hand - otherwise you may need to go without your trusty electronic cigarette while you recharge the battery.


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