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eGo or eVod 1100mah Battery

SKU: 1100-battery

1100mah eGo or eVod large replacement battery.

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Large, high quality, standard voltage battery - works with all common clearomizers and atomizers

There is no difference between the eGo and eVod style batteries except the way the battery button looks. However, if you want to be able to use a battery necklace you will need to go with the eGo style.

The 1100mah battery will last between 6 and 11 hours of use (depending on your vaping style, etc).

It is a fact of electronic cigarette life, that the battery will fail over time and require replacement. Generally, batteries have a lifespan of about 300 charge cycles but this varies on a number of factors including how the cigarette is treated, the ambient temparature, etc.

Before completely failing, a fully charged ecig battery will last for less and less time on a full charge.

A larger ecig battery means:

  • you will be able to use your electronic cigarette for longer before it requires a recharge
  • you will be charging your electronic cigarette battery less frequently so it will require replacing less often.

USB version - this uses a standard usb charging cable instead of the eGo charging cable.

And, it is always useful to have a fully charged spare battery to hand - otherwise you may need to go without your trusty electronic cigarette while you recharge the battery.


Monday, 19 February 2018
Great Evod 1100mah battery lasts for a good 12 hours and I chain vape. Great service customer service will definitely be buying again
Jane Morrissey
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