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All lithium batteries regardless of how expensive it is will permanently lose capacity over time. This is an unavoidable limitation of current battery technology. Additionally, the more compact the electronic cigarette you buy, the smaller the battery you will receive. In order to increase capacity, you have to increase size.

Different electronic cigarettes come with different battery capacities. An 1100mah battery will last a lot longer before needing a recharge than a 240mah battery. Generally speaking, the cheaper the product, the smaller the battery.

If your electronic cigarette has a small battery, it would be a good idea to keep a wall charger and a car charger handy. You may also wish to purchase a spare battery so that you can alternate between them (when one is depleted, use the other one, and put the first on charge). Please note however that rechargeable batteries do lose charge even when not in use so you should not leave a fully charged battery sitting around for a week.

The battery's useful life is from a few weeks to a few months depending on use and capacity purchased.

If your ecig is 510 threaded, we also stock adapters to allow your ecig to be used with eGo threaded atomizers and clearomizers.

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