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eGo T Tank Atomizer

SKU: ego_t_atty
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Tried and tested atomizer. Very easy to refill. Simply throw away when it burns out.

A very simple eGo T tank atomizer

For those looking for a simple, reliable, tried and tested solution, the eGo T atomizer is an excellent choice. It only has two parts: the atomizer and the cartridge. These simply screw onto a battery with eGo fitting and away you go.

Very simple to refill, simply fill the cartridge with e-liquid. No need to worry about getting the liquid into anywhere it should not go.

The eGo T atomizer is compatible with any battery with an eGo fitting or when used with a suitable adapter. It is fully compatible with the eGo and eVod batteries that we stock and compatible with the batteries contained in our Beginner and Ultimate Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits.

The eGo T atomizer head has a resistance of 2.4Ohm.


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