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eGo CE9 Clearomizer

SKU: ce9_atty
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Durable, rebuildable clearomizer with 2.4ml e-liquid capacity. A very common atomizer with the beginner.

Durable CE9 rebuildable clearomizer

More durable and with a larger tank than the CE4, CE4+ and CE5, the CE9 clearomizer has a maximum capacity of 2.4ml of e-liquid. Having to re-fill less often is simply convenient.

The atomizer has 4 parts: the mouth piece (drip tip), thick clear plastic tank, wick and the bottom assembly.

The bottom assembly which connects to the eGo battery has a solid post onto which the wick fits ensuring little movement. The wick can be easily and cheaply replaced when it burns out.

The plastic mouthpiece forms a good connection with the top screw reducing the chances of leakage.

Very easy to refill - simply remove the mouthpiece and then tilt and drip the liquid down the side of the tank being careful not to get liquid into the hole at the top of the wick post.

The CE9 clearomizer is compatible with any battery with an eGo fitting or when used with a suitable adapter. It is fully compatible with our eGo and eVod batteries that we stock and with other batteries with the use of a suitable adapter.



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