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Atomizers and clearomizers generally fall into two categories: rebuildable and non-rebuildable. With rebuildable versions, you can simply replace the coil/wick when it has burned out whereas the whole atomizer/clearomizer has to be replaced when the non-rebuildable versions burn out.

Atomizers also generally come with two types of fitting: eGo and 510 types. The eGo type will fit a battery with an eGo connection whereas the 510 will fit a battery with a 510 connection. Many batteries also allow both eGo and 510 types to be used. An adapter is also available from our store if needed.

The life expectancy of an atomiser/clearomizer is approximately 14 days and depends very much on the user. For example a 5 cigarette a day smoker could expect to achieve a longer life expectancy from an atomiser/clearomizer than say a 40 cigarettes a day smoker.

Atomisers and clearomizers are sold as disposable items and come with no warranty. However, if they are leaking, or do not work at all when you get them, then we will replace them. Inside the atomizer/clearomizer, a tiny coil or wick heats up, makes contact with cold fluid vaporising it in the process. Like a light bulb, the coil/wick won't last forever! Therefore these items need regular replacement.

So, you may want to keep some atomisers/clearomizers handy for when they do burn out.

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