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Variable-voltage electronic cigarettes make it possible to change the voltage of your device to achieve the vapor production, flavor and throat hit you want.

Variable-voltage electronic cigarettes use 3.7-volt batteries, just like standard electronic cigarettes. The difference is in the fact that a variable-voltage e-cigarette includes a booster circuit that stores and regulates power from the battery, delivering it to the atomizer or cartomizer at the voltage you select.

Many variable-voltage e-cigarettes also include microprocessors for safety and precise control over vapor production. These advanced internal electronics often make variable-voltage e-cigarettes more expensive than standard e-cigarettes.

Variable-voltage devices produce the best performance currently available in the e-cigarette industry.

If you’ve never owned an e-cigarette before, though, a variable-voltage device may not be right for you. If you smoke infrequently or prefer ultra light cigarettes, you may find the extreme vapor production of a variable-voltage device too intense at peak power. If you have to dial a variable-voltage e-cigarette down to 3.7 volts to achieve the desired vapor production, you may be better off buying a 3.7-volt e-cigarette.

If you’re a current electronic cigarette user and you occasionally feel tempted to return to smoking because your current e-cigarette doesn’t deliver quite the vapor and flavor you want, you are the ideal candidate for variable-voltage vaping.

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