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Not yet made the switch - here are a few reasons why you should:

  • no more high risks from smoking related diseases (when cigarette tobacco burns, it releases a dangerous cocktail of about 4,000 chemicals)
  • no more cough in the morning or bad smelling breath
  • no more yellow skin or teeth
  • better physical health (you know that feeling when you struggle up the stairs)
  • cleaner home, no ash, no ashtrays
  • savings ( a 1 pack a day smoker can save over £1000 per year)
  • you can enjoy a vape in public places like cafes and restaurants
  • you can still enjoy nicotine and the sensation of smoking in a safer way

What about the hazards of electronic cigarettes?

To date, no research has proven that there is any health risk associated with electronic cigarettes. On the other hand, there is absolutely no doubt that cigarettes pose serious health risks.

You decide what is better - a possibility that there may be a risk with electronic cigarettes or a guarantee that cigarettes are damaging to health.

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is a battery-powered devices filled with liquid nicotine that is dissolved in a solution of water and propylene glycol. It also contains food grade flavourings.

Although the nicotine is derived from tobacco, electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco. When you take a puff on the end of the e-cigarette tube, a battery heats up the nicotine, which creates a vapor that is then inhaled into the lungs. The end result is a sensation of smoke in the mouth and lungs without really smoking.

So what are you waiting for - make the switch today!

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